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Lakes Region Consumer Advisory Board oversees both CornerBridge, Pemi Valley Outreach and Concord Peer Support

CornerBridge, Concord Peer Support and Pemi Valley Outreach

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CornerBridge (aka) Lakes Region Consumer Advisory Board, like most peer support organizations began as a drop in center as a result of the closing of the Partial Hospitalization Program that was under the auspice of the Community Mental Health Center’s Community Support Program. In 1995 Lakes Region Consumer Advisory Board was incorporated

In April 2005 we opened the doors our new peer support center on a part time basis. The center is located at 55 School St. Concord, N.H. Region IV.

CornerBridge and Concord Peer Support provide a vast array of relevant peer support services. These services are developed, implemented and facilitated by the members of CornerBridge and Concord Peer Support for their individual as well as collective recovery from severe and persistent mental illness. Our mission is to advocate and empower individuals to take control of their own wellness and recovery, and work mutually with others to affect change.

We practice a particular kind of peer support which is "a system of giving and receiving help founded on key principals of respect, shared responsibility, and mutual agreement of what is helpful."*  This is called Intentional Peer Support (IPS). The intention is to use the peer support relationship  to clarify, focus on, and move toward our personal life, recovery, and wellness goals.

All of our programs are free and grounded in the principal of personal responsibility, mutuality, reciprocity, respecting others' thoughts and beliefs as valid and important, growth beyond stigma, shame, and limits placed upon us, and creating and maintaining a strong, active voice and presence dedicated to social change. We believe that by developing better relationships people feel valued, become empowered and thereby move toward recovery.

Through the practice of IPS, and our program of support groups and activities, we gain greater confidence in our ability to handle uncomfortable feelings and personal emotional crises, avoid frequent hospitalizations, and lessen the need for other medical or clinical interventions. If you are a consumer of mental health services and are at least 18 years old, we invite you to spend some time at CornerBridge and Concord Peer Support and meet our staff and other consumers in a safe, non-clinical, non-judgmental, stigma free, and positive environment. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

The application period for applying for the Executive Director for CornerBridge and Concord Peer Support has now closed.

The Board of Directors have appointe Patricia Fancy as Interim Director during this time of transition.

Patt Fancy, (Interim) Exec. Dir.
328 Union Ave
PO Box 304
Laconia, NH 03246

SAMHSA announces a working definition of “recovery” from mental disorders and substance use disorders

A new working definition of recovery from mental disorders and substance use disorders is being announced by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The definition is the product of a year-long effort by SAMHSA and a wide range of partners in the behavioral health care community and other fields to develop a working definition of recovery that captures the essential, common experiences of those recovering from mental disorders and substance use disorders, along with major guiding principles that support the recovery definition. SAMHSA led this effort as part of its Recovery Support Strategic Initiative.

Download full article here

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